Frans Hilgers

Sculptures in Stone and Wood

NEW: opus 103 and 104

I have started sculpting in stone and wood in 2002. Trigger was a former patient, who one year after his successful cancer treatment quit his job as director of a shoe factory, to start what turned out to be an almost 20-year successful career as sculptor. Seeing what he was able to achieve within only a few years after starting was really inspiring. Also the TV/Teleac sculpting course of Kees Verwey in 2002 was quite inspiring. Ordering the videotapes of the course and a basic set of instruments and some pieces of stone gave me a flying start. After my first experience with a small, coloured piece of soapstone, I was hooked. Also the availability of in-depth information on the internet was and is invaluable, enabling me to gradually improve and expand my technique and to develop an organic, non-abstract style. Having several formidable artist friends occasionally giving advise is a great educational help, as well.

For me, sculpting has quite some similarities with many aspects of surgery, which makes working in my own studio on intriguing stones and wood samples a great compensation for my former professional craft. Another similarity with surgery is that you have relearn to look with your hands, something we have been "cured" of as children to make us socially "acceptable". I prefer to work with stones of which I know the site of origin, and with respect to (Dutch) wood, I like to know where it has grown. My inspiration comes from the shape of the stone or wood sample and from every day observations and interactions, resulting in sketches and contours in marble ……..

On April 7, 2019, a huge, blazing fire completely burned down the building where I had my studio and destroyed 25 of my sculptures (30 items) and my complete stock of stones and wood, instruments, power tools and all other technical equipment …….

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