Frans Hilgers

Sculptures in Stone and Wood

About half of my sculptures are in Private Collections, not only in and around Haarlem and Heemstede, but also in Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and New Zealand. Some works I specifically sculpted for my children and grandchildren and obviously are in their possession. Three works are located in the Netherlands Cancer Institute. Twenty five of the remaining sculptures in stone and wood, that were still around, were destroyed during the April 7, 2019 inferno and are now depicted under Fire victims. Fortunately, I had some sculptures at home and new work, not sold in the mean time are shown under Studio collection. Many of my sculptures are/were winter-hardy, not only stoneworks, but also some of the woodworks (those made of Acacia and Yew), and are intended to brighten up a garden; as the saying goes: "A garden is only completed when a permanent statue is catching your eyes all year-round".